Pastors Are Hiding This Bible Verse From People Who Pay Tithes

03 Apr 2022
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In Ghanaian society, it's ordinary to see Christians paying offerings, that is 10% of their pay to ministers and chapels.


Some places of worship have utilized this money to change the lives of individuals through instruction and wellbeing, We have schools like SDA JHS, SDA SHS, Methodist Basic School in Wa, Catholic Primary in Wa, Presy SHS in Accra and Many others, in the interim, other chapels have depended on that to cover their power bills, Pay their congregation investors and get themselves rich vehicles.

It's anything but an unquestionable requirement to pay tithes in Church and nobody will get lost if you don't pay offerings to a congregation.

This book of scriptures refrains underneath can protect the reality to the current matter as of now.

Check Deuteronomy Chapter 26:12 and it peruses "When you have completed the process of saving a 10th of all your produce in the third year, the extended time of the offering, you will give it to the Levite, the outsider, the illegitimate and the widow, so they might eat in your towns and be fulfilled." and Verse 13 Continues that "Then, at that point, tell the LORD your God: "I have taken out from my home the holy piece and have given it to the Levite, the outsider, the bastard and the widow, as indicated by all you directed. I have not diverted beside your orders nor have I failed to remember any of them".


Per this let the offerings reflect in your area, your working environment, family and old neighbourhood before considering Churches, other than God is Omnipresent(everywhere) you don't should be in the chapel to revere him. Plant that seed in your relatives, mates, Customers, associates and Community individuals.



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